Cedar Grove

“Fearless…Unblinking in the face of some tough issues.”


- Chris Crutcher,
author of Angry Management

The Enderson brothers—Scott, Chris, Otto, and Ryan—dominate the social scene and bring excitement to the uneventful town of Plainville. They are well-known and…

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Coming September 2015!

Desde las calurosas calles suburbanas del sur de California hasta la costa bañada por el sol de México, dos primas Latinas de reúnen y
desentrañan un misterio raro  que involucra leyendas populares, arqueología y un padre ausente, quien cree tenerlo todo pero abandona a su familia que lucha por salir adelante.


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“Fast Pitch hits the spot. A great book about girl’s softball.”

fastpitchcover- Frank Cheek,
Head Softball Coach
Humboldt State University



Coming Spring 2015!


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The Evolution of Glory Loomis

loomistemp-682x1024A twenty-first century coming-of-age story 

On a Friday afternoon in early spring, Glory Eleanor Loomis, 13, of Sackatucket, Long Island makes a shocking discovery in a second-hand bookstore. She finds a novel called Invasion Earth! set in Roswell, New Mexico (her parents’ birthplace) containing  a picture of her brother Michael, captioned “George Edward Livermore,” and another of her space-suited mother and father, identified as George’s parents


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The Horseman: Divine Intervention


Coming September 2015!

The Orisha emerged from a deep slumber. Seeing that their mission had been perverted, they had set about to free us…

… Whether we wanted them to or not.

The gods of ancient Africa have possessed seven people to protect humanity from itself.


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Pin Drop

pindroptempComing November 2014

Self-proclaimed atheist virgin, Mo Perez, has no interest in meeting Mr. Right. She has enough problems trying to cope with her foster care upbringing, her alternative education classes, and constant financial hardships thanks to Marci, her 21-ear-old sister and legal guardian who refuses to get a real job.

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