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Alex & the Enderson Brothers: Book One by Roz Monette


“Fearless…Unblinking in the face of some tough issues.”  Chris Crutcher, author of Angry Management

The Enderson brothers—Scott, Chris, Otto, and Ryan—dominate the social scene and bring excitement to the uneventful town of Plainville. They are well-known and well-liked—most of the time. Their loyalty to each other is indestructible until one brother drifts into the wrong crowd. Then there’s Alex, the family’s youngest child and only daughter, who struggles to rise above her family’s reputation.

The Enderson parents work long hours and often leave their kids home alone. While the brothers enjoy their teenage freedom, Alex deals with the frustrations of youth with the comfort of her best friend Elaine. Alex is constantly reminded that someday she will become a mature woman, someday boys will like her, someday she’ll look back at her youth and laugh.

After a revelation by the outcast brother, the family is divided. Dad has to remind all the kids who’s really in charge despite the devastating consequences.

Will the Enderson family ever be the close-knit group they once were?

Cover Illustration by Mark Andresen

Coming Spring 2014 – Fast Pitch by J. Creighton Brown III & Tim Martin

Print“Fast Pitch hits the spot. A great book about girl’s softball.”  - Frank Cheek, Head Softball Coach, Humboldt State University

Seventeen-year-old African American Teresa Jayne Zanotti (TJ) was born to play baseball. TJ’s brother, Bobby, is a San Francisco Giants starting shortstop. Her father, Stan, is a retired team trainer, and her mother, Peggy, never misses a Giants game. TJ is also the starting shortstop on the Menlo Park Tigers junior varsity baseball team and a shoe-in to make varsity. That is until transfer player Brice Thompson snags the position and she is forced to try out for the school softball team.

TJ is an excellent player and Coach Lisa Myers can’t help but include her on the roster. Yet when it comes to teamwork, TJ is far from perfect. She locks horns with several players, including team pitcher Amazon Amy. The team’s curmudgeonly assistant coach, Marty Maguire, befriends TJ and her dislike for softball slowly begins to soften. As the season rolls on she discovers that fast pitch softball isn’t only about teamwork, it’s about friendship, as well.

 Cover by Jiba Molei Anderson

Coming Fall 2014 – Niñas de la Tierra (Sowbugs) by Mario Hernandez

From the hot suburban streets of Southern California to the sun drenched coast of Mexico and back again, two estranged Latina cousins re-unite and unravel a curious mystery involving local folk legends, archeology and a long absent father, thought to have all but abandoned his struggling family.

With the help of yet another pretty and popular cousin, an annoying but clever little sister and a put upon brother exiled to Grandma’s house, this motley team blend untapped talents and bravery becoming closer as their adventure shows them the ways of family loyalty, camaraderie and teamwork.

En Español

Desde las calurosas calles suburbanas del sur de California hasta la costa bañada por el sol de México, dos primas Latinas de reúnen y desentrañan un misterio raro que involucra leyendas populares, arqueología y un padre ausente, quien cree tenerlo todo pero abandona a su familia que lucha por salir adelante. Con la ayuda de otra prima bonita y popular, una hermana menor fastidiosa pero astuta y un hermano ingenuo exiliado de la casa de la abuela, este equipo diverso mezcla sus talentos y su valentía lo cual los une cuando su aventura les muestra la lealtad familiar, el compañerismo y el trabajo en equipo.

Cover illustration by Mario Hernandez.  Translation by Ingrid Strauss