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Alex and the Enderson Brothers

By Roz Monette

Books about family, books about sibling rivalry, books about sibling relationships – they are all the same until now. The Enderson brothers—Scott, Chris, Otto, and Ryan—dominate the social scene and bring excitement to the uneventful town of Plainville. They are well-known and well-liked—most of the time. Their loyalty to each other is indestructible until one brother drifts into the wrong crowd. Then there’s Alex, the family’s youngest child and only daughter, who struggles to rise above her family’s reputation.

The Enderson parents work long hours and often leave their kids home alone. While the brothers enjoy their teenage freedom, Alex deals with the frustrations of youth with the comfort of her best friend Elaine. Alex is constantly reminded that someday she will become a mature woman, someday boys will like her, someday she’ll look back at her youth and laugh. After a revelation by the outcast brother, the family is divided. Dad has to remind all the kids who’s really in charge despite the devastating consequences. Will the Enderson family ever be the close-knit group they once were?

About the Author

Roz Monette is the author of edgy, realistic fiction for young adults. She began her career being solely responsible for all her books marketing components yet she still found time to write her novels. Roz has been a speaker at schools, libraries, and writer s conferences across the country. Professional book reviewers have commended her work for being honest, enlightening, and entertaining and a valuable resource for parents and teachers. Roz the author of the Alex and the Enderson Brothers series and is currently working on Book Two in the series: Invisible Shadow.