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Invisible Shadow (Alex and the Enderson Brothers Book 2)

By Roz Monette

Alex Enderson’s world turns upside down the summer before she enters high school.

After her mother dies, Alex moves to a new town with her grief-stricken father. Her four older brothers have moved out and Alex finally has the opportunity to free herself from the Enderson family’s reputation, as everyone assumes Alex’s parents are divorced and she is an only child. Alex enters high school and blends in despite the added pressure of playing an adult role at home. Her high school experience is uplifting and positive, until one boy subjects Alex to emotional torture and public humiliation. Alex’s self-esteem takes a beating as the number of her tormentors increases and her friends disappear. The months of torment push Alex to her breaking point.

It’s time for her bullies to meet The Enderson Brothers.

About the Author

Roz Monette is the author of edgy, realistic fiction for young adults. She began her career being solely responsible for all her books marketing components yet she still found time to write her novels. Roz has been a speaker at schools, libraries, and writer s conferences across the country. Professional book reviewers have commended her work for being honest, enlightening, and entertaining and a valuable resource for parents and teachers. Roz the author of the Alex and the Enderson Brothers series and is currently working on Book Two in the series: Invisible Shadow.

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