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The Medicus Codex

By Cy Stein

“Like all the best historical fiction, The Medicus Codex immerses readers in a captivating other place and time while propelling them through an equally captivating story. Once into it, I found myself frequently–and tellingly–late for meals.”

– Robert Cialdini, author, Pre-Suasion – A Revolutionary Way to Influence and Persuade


Cy Stein is a master storyteller with an historian’s eye for the kind of surprising facts that make the ancient world come fully alive. The tale he tells is a page-turner that crackles with suspense, action and sly humor. The hero of his tale, Gaius Romulus Saccius, is a gifted physician who practices in the highest circles of power, and we see through his eyes what real life was like when the Roman Empire ruled the world. The Medicus Codex has all the intrigue and richness of detail that we find in enduring best-sellers like The Name of the Rose, but it stands alone as a book that only an author like Cy Stein – a distinguished physician in his own right – could have written.

– Jonathan Kirsch, author, God Against Gods

Life and death, illness and health affect the very poor…and the rich and powerful alike. The Medicus’s journey takes him from the slums of the Transtiberim to plots for the imperial purple robes.

At the center of the story is the controversial kelchara, a medicine with the potential to bring relief to the suffering masses, or may be nothing more than the desperate dream of a compassionate physician.

Follow the story of Aaron bar Akiva (Gaius Romulus Saccius) as he travels from the fields of Galilee to Gaul, to the palace halls of Rome. His life—and the lives around him—depend not only on his skill as a Medicus, but his bonds with family, friend, and fellow slaves, and his ability to keep his nose clean and his wits about him.

Aaron’s story is one of betrayal, intrigue, and distant loyalty to a God that he is not so certain is loyal to him.

Cy Stein’s Rome is rich with diversity, new treatment of historical figures, and themes that echo in modern day with a superior insight into the medical realities of the time.

Open the cover and enter the ancient world where the relationships a healer creates are sometimes more far reaching than the ability to heal. Enter the world of The Medicus Codex.


A premier oncologist in the Los Angeles area, Cy Stein has had a lifelong love of both ancient history and historical fiction.

His fiction offers rarely seen glimpses into life, death, disease, and health in the ancient world. Readers are rewarded with a kind of accuracy only a doctor can deliver and with the soul of a storyteller.

Cy Stein blends historical events, characters, and texts with refreshing, revisionist plot turns. The results offer delightful insight into who these figures may have been beneath the gloss of time.

The Medicus Codex is the first installment of the Vox Populi series. Published by Cedar Grove Books, it’s available to buy this September on Amazon and with Independent booksellers.

He resides with his wife on both coasts and practices medicine in L.A. He is currently at work on book three of the Vox Populi series.