What The Turtle Told Her Children

By Valerie VanCampen

A timely Native American book for today’s teens –both boys and girls. Zoe and Zachary Jameson are fourteen-year-old Native American twins who live with their parents and older brother Justin on the Allegheny Reservation of the Seneca Nation in Western New York State. They are children of two cultures, struggling to find their place in the modern world while honoring the traditions of their Native American ancestors.

About to begin their summer vacation from school, they prepare for long, hot days of chores, sports, and family gatherings. Every year, it’s the same thing, there’s never anything new happening. Then their cousin Heather gives them some exciting news. Their eccentric Aunt Fawn is coming for a visit! A story teller, Aunt Fawn always brings fun and a bit of mischief into everyone’s lives. Join the twins as they travel, listening to Aunt Fawn’s tales of local ghosts, monsters, and other legends. This is Native American mythology at its finest with modern setting.

About the Author

Valerie Van Campen was born on the Allegheny Reservation of the Seneca Nation in Western New York State. Her husband Tony’s military career has allowed her the opportunity to live in different areas of the United States and to try her hand at a variety of careers. These have included Medical Technologist, Health Educator, Substitute Teacher, Daycare Provider, and Quilting Instructor. Now a “middle-aged church lady”, Valerie currently resides in Norfolk, Virginia, where she volunteers at a faith-based after school program.

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