cedargrovefrogmedium-1Welcome to The Glib Amphibian – my blog.

Well, not really MY blog but I’m the one who picks the topics. There’s a lot going on here at Cedar Grove. Sometimes we’ll talk about books, sometimes life, sometimes something cool. For a while, my ‘people’ couldn’t figure out what to call the blog, so I had to step in and The Glib Amphibian was born!  

But, I digress!

I’m Oliver T. Frog, HFIC  — that stands for Head Frog in Charge! I’m really a ‘down-home’ type of frog who likes to read and relax – hence the pipe and book. They wanted to put me on a rocking chair on a porch, but I said, “No, you’re doing too much, just leave me like I am!”

But again, since I’m a frog and don’t speak a recognizable language, others will contribute stories – approved by me, of course.  I may not have human fingers but trust me; I’m very good at using my webbed digits and my eyes (Is there such a thing as a frog side eye? Must be, I seem to be doing it a lot!) to indicate my approval or disapproval.

Because we publish multicultural books from different genres and for different ages that celebrate diversity we’re going to talk about those and how the authors came to create the books they’ve written… Children, YA, Graphic Novels, Horror, Mystery, Art, Education, LGBT.  

Sometimes we’ll go off message and talk about my grove remodel that is coming along nicely – I may even show pictures of my ‘Afro Broccoli’! Yes, you read right – Afro Broccoli! Flowers, fruit, veg, herbs – some say garden, I say grove. To-may-to, To-mah-to – oh hey, we’re going to have those too and from what I hear and – be still my froggy heart – a worm bin! A worm bin!!!  Quel excitément! Woot! Give me a minute here!

Okay, I went away for a moment, but now I’m back. And back on message.

I hope you’ll enjoy the blog. Write in and let us know. Sign up and see what we’re up to.

This is all for now!

I’m Oliver T. Frog, The Glib Amphibian! We’re Cedar Grove Publishing.

And remember: Every Book is Somebody’s Story!

Now, if only I can get a theme song!


Cedar Grove Publishing provides an outlet for disparate and diverse voices to express themselves through words, pictures and technology.  This is done in various genres and niches through targeted and fun publishing programs.