by Christopher González

Coming in December 2023

In a nation that still struggles to see beyond harmful stereotypes, Christopher González is the embodiment of the Big Scary Brown Guy.  As a Latino intellectual who speaks truth to power, he navigates the pitfalls of a society designed to keep people like him on the fringes. In this powerful memoir, González reveals the painful and humorous moments that shaped his life and offers a nuanced understanding of the Latinx experience in the United States.

Through a blend of elegant and sardonic prose, González interrogates the racist and inequitable underpinning of the U.S. as they manifest in his own embodied experiences within a troubled family in Texas. From pop cultural allusions to literary references, he weaves a rich tapestry of stories that illuminate the Gen X Latinx experience with keen precision and heartbreaking wit.

Big Scary Brown Guy is a testament to the enduring resilience of the Latinx community, especially those who have been in the U.S. for many generations, yet are often marginalized in the public discourse. González’s voice is a vital addition to the ongoing conversation around race, identity and belonging in America.


“American manhood is in crisis, and Latino men all the more so.  Fortunately, Christopher González dives into the task head and heart first. His voice is unique, at once humble, courageous and enviably self-assured.  Bypass this memoir at your own peril–and ours.”

Ilan Stavans, author
On Borrowed Words: A Memoir of Language,
editor, “The Norton Anthology of Latino Literature


About the Author:

Christopher Gonzalez - Christopher González was born and raised on the flatlands of the Llano Estacado, straddling the border of Texas and New Mexico. He received his PhD in English from Ohio State University and is the author, co-author and editor of many books, including the International Latino Book Award-winning Reel Latinxs: Representation in U.S. Film & TV.  […]