By Timothy Martin

Coming in 2024

Nobody wants Troop 44. They are the Junior Scout’s biggest misfits and President Bingham can’t find anyone that will take them to Jamorama. No one except bumbling scout leader Wally Dokes, who accidentally burned down the Fire Safety Tent the previous year. When Wally arrives at camp he’s in for a big shock. His bottom of the barrel scouts don’t look capable of winning a single merit badge, let alone the coveted Best Troop Award. The boys include Luis, a cocky, street smart Latino kid; Lamont, a nerdy African-American; Shawn, bean-pole thin and always on the verge of tears; Kyle, who refuses to go anywhere without his stuffed bear; and Kenny, a talented young athlete with a sullen disposition.

Under Wally’s questionable guidance, and with the help of a ditzy camp nurse named Helen, Troop 44 actually wins a few events. Much to the surprise of all they find themselves in the running for Best Troop Award. Things are looking up for Wally’s scouts.

But President Bingham has other plans.

About the Author



Tim Martin is the author of Rez Rock, There’s Nothing Funny About Running, Summer With Dad, Third Rate Romance, Culvert at Little Bitch Creek, Why Run If No One Is Chasing You? and Wimps Like Me. He has one Young Adult novel – Fast Pitch – and two children’s books: Don The Dull-Shelled Turtle (Cedar Grove Books), and Somewhere Down The Line(Neverland Publishing).

Tim has completed nine screenplays and is a contributing author to over a dozen Chicken Soup for the Soul books and numerous literary journals. He has done commentary on National Public Radio and is presently working on a Humboldt County documentary The History of Eel River Estuary.