Written and Illustrated by Craig Rex Perry

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After narrowly escaping with their lives with the magical mouthpiece from Demonica Shadows and her Minions of Darkness, Harmony, Eazy and Juan Carlos find refuge in the attic of small bakery owned by a sweet, elderly widower named Miss Sweetbread. She seems to understand their plight and offers to help in any way she can. But there is another reason why she wants to help. She is an angel secretly working to get the mouthpiece back to the Horn of Gabriel.

With Demonica in hot pursuit, The Walkers and Juan Carlos need all the help they can get. Eazy even finds work in a jazz and blues club called The Carnation Club, owned by an unscrupulous Frenchman, Jean-Pierre, who will do anything to get the horn for himself.

Harmony must find a way to get rid of Demonica and help her dad become young again. But, most of all, she must return the sacred and magical mouthpiece to the Horn of Gabriel and reunite her family.

It’s all up to Harmony!

About the Author


Craig Rex Perry - Craig Rex Perry is a native of Chicago, Illinois.  He attended the prestigious School of the Art Institute of Chicago, American Academy of Art (Chicago), Parsons School of Design (L.A) and Altos de Chavon (Santa Domingo, Dominican Republic) where he studied under famed fashion illustrator, Antonio Lopez. With a signature flair uniquely his own, Rex is one of America’s premier fashion artists.  Intentionally known for his beautiful renditions of stylish men, women and children, Rex remains at the top of his game by designing and illustrations for global corporations.  Whether a fashion sketch, an apparel design for an animated cartoon, or a book illustration…the Rex style is recognized the world over. His book credits include: It’s Beginning to look a lot like Kwanzaa for Random House Disney; Over the River and Through the Woods for Jump at the Sun; All Things Bright and Beautiful for Hyperion Books for Children and the Empak Heritage Kids: Kumi & Chanti Tell the Story of Matthew Henson – An Empak “Black History” Publication Series: Black History at an Early Age. Rex currently resides in Altadena, California with his lovely wife Deanna and their two beautiful children, Isabella and Maxfield. You can see more about Rex at www.rexstudios.net