Praise for the Qi Effect

“Here is an endorsement for Qi Effect — A magical mystery tour. Such an amazing piece of work. Using insights into science and ancient healing traditions gained over a lifetime of study, practice, and teaching, Francesco guides us in an exploration of the...

God, the Journey Within – Available Now

“The Mothership has landed in all of us, and Diem Jones presents a slice of our humanity by showcasing 17 distinct voices in his latest book, God: The Journey Within.” —George Clinton Parliament-Funkadelic
The Evolution of Glory Loomis

The Evolution of Glory Loomis

  By Michael Bassen Coming in 2024   Thirteen-year-old Glory Eleanor Loomis of Sackatucket, Long Island makes a shocking discovery in a secondhand bookstore when she picks up a book that reads like a horror storOn a Friday afternoon in early spring, Glory Eleanor...